Online Market Analysis

Find Out How Much Your Home Can Sell For
How is Jack's system different? Jack's evaluation is much more accurate than, home or The conventional online analysis uses computer programs to compare recent home sales to your home. Some of the homes are comparable; however, many times the houses selected are not good choices. From a recent Wall Street Jounal article, "Zillow's Zestimates often are very good, frequently within a few percentage points of the actual value. But when Zillow is bad, it can be terrible - off the mark by more than 25% in a recent sample of 10 homes."

Jack will select the 3 most comparable homes - by using the MLS to search all the possible sales. Then he will make up an analysis that uses the variables that most online searches can not factor in - curb appeal, updating and remodeling, location in neighborhood, style of home, etc.