Keeping you informed


When I talk to sellers, that are considering switching their listing to me, I often ask them "what were you most unhappy with, regarding your current agent".  The number one answer I get is "I did not know what was going on". 


That won't be a problem with me.  When working with clients I strive to find out how they want to be kept informed with the process.  Some clients say "Jack, you only need to call me when you have something", others say "if I hear from you twice a week, that will work".  I can keep in touch in whatever works best for you - call, e-mail, mail, etc. 


The most important part of the selling process is to know what the buyers and agents are selling.  That is why I will setup your own personal webpage that you can check whenever you want - to keep up with the showings - click here to see a sample of the showing webpage